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2022 Training Calendar

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$100 - $330
In this advanced session we look into specific water chemistry processes and reactions such as Sanitisers / Oxidation / Algaecides / Specialty / Balancers and the use of secondary sanitiser systems.
Understanding requirements of the new fibreglass pool standard
$250 Member | $300 Non-Member
Course includes a licensed copy of AS1839 – 2021 Swimming pools – Premoulded fibre reinforced plastics Installation.
The Commercial Pool Technician Program (CPT) delivers the required Aquatic Industry Qualifications to compliantly manage public and commercial swimming pool and spas in Australia.
Learn how to apply the finishing touch to concrete pools
$1,295 to $1,495
This 3-Day course aims to provide the fundamental skills needed to give crew members a head start on the job site by having an understanding of the A to Z of the application process.
For Swimming Pool and Spa Building & Renovations
$100 Member | $130 Non-Member
Our project management workshops will provide those involved in the building and renovation of swimming pools and spas the necessary skills and knowledge to initiate and complete projects using project management principles.
$100 Member | $130 Non-Member
From body language, to physical presence in front of the customer, learn how to identify customer signals and make the most out of each customer engagement.
$100 Member | $130 Non-Member
This workshop specifically targets the skills required to service, maintain and undertake repairs within the scope of a swimming pool & spa technician. Including water treatment, common issues and service problems with spas.
$100 - $330
This combined session is the introduction to water chemistry, correct testing of pool water and ending with basic diagnostics for pool systems.
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