Fundamentals of Water Balancing and Hydraulics

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Are your team members equipped to proficiently identify and communicate the vital indicators of effective hydraulics, circulation, and good water balance, ensuring the provision of safe, sparkling clear, algae-free water for pool and spa owners?

Join our comprehensive full day workshop that delves into the fundamentals of:

  • A robust hydraulics system, its essential components, and the critical role of flow and turnover

  • The significance of an efficient filtration system

  • The importance of achieving optimal circulation

  • Understanding the nuances of good water balance and its importance

  • Evaluating sanitiser options, exploring strengths and weaknesses

  • Grasping the concept of oxidation and its rationale

  • Effectively addressing challenges such as green pools and metal staining, along with preventive methods

  • Navigating chemical storage & handling, including proper signage protocols.

By attending this workshop, your team will gain insights into hydraulics and its components, enabling them to identify issues and effectively communicate solutions to consumers. Recognise the fundamentals of water balance, emphasising the importance of flow speed, turnover time, and efficient filtration to minimise the chemical demand for pools and spas.

  • SPASA Members - $295

  • Non-members - $395

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For more information, call us on 1800 802 482 or email us.
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