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Participants from NSW have the opportunity to undertake the QLD 11067NAT Course. Importantly, there are no prerequisites in terms of qualifications or prior experience for enrolling in this course. Upon successful completion, participants will receive their QLD certification, enabling them to apply for their license. Subsequently, they can apply for mutual recognition of their license with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. This seamless process will grant them the title of "Registered Swimming Pool Inspector" in NSW, enabling them to conduct inspections within the state. Consequently, individuals who pursue this pathway will be duly licensed in both QLD and NSW.

Mutual recognition offers an excellent opportunity for individuals aspiring to become Swimming Pool Inspectors in NSW, provided they already possess a comparable license from another state.

By embracing the mutual recognition process, a person based in NSW can easily obtain the necessary Swimming Pool Inspector Registration, irrespective of whether they hold any specific qualifications or experience within the state.

Through mutual recognition, individuals from NSW can obtain the required Swimming Pool Inspector Registration without the usual need to possess specific qualifications or experience, as typically required in Pathway 1 or Pathway 2 (as described below).

For NSW participants seeking mutual recognition, the initial step involves completing the 11067NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections and obtaining a pool safety inspector license in QLD through the QBCC. Once this process is successfully completed, applicants can then apply to the NSW Office of Fair Trading for the recognition of their license.

It is crucial to understand that this process offers a valid pathway to achieve registration as a Swimming Pool Inspector in NSW. However, it's important to note that the QLD course primarily imparts knowledge and understanding regarding the QLD legislation and standard. For conducting inspections in NSW, individuals must also consider obtaining the necessary knowledge through training or industry support.

Applicants must have either:

  • A4 certifier accreditation (unconditional), or

  • an endorsed contractor’s licence or a qualified supervisor’s certificate under the Home Building Act, as a builder, swimming pool builder or structural landscaper who is authorised to build swimming pool fencing.

Pathway 2 applicants must have two years’ recent experience working for a local council and inspecting at least 20 swimming pools.

For more information on this course please click here: https://www.irlearning.com/programs/qld-pool-safety-inspections

For more information, call us on 1800 802 482 or email us.
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