$100 - $330
In this advanced session we look into specific water chemistry processes and reactions such as Sanitisers / Oxidation / Algaecides / Specialty / Balancers and the use of secondary sanitiser systems.
Aquatic Technical Operator - SISSS00110 (Skill Sets)
$380 - $600
The recommended minimum standards for public swimming pools and other still water environments are based on AQF nationally accredited units of competency within the SIS Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package.
Understanding requirements of the new fibreglass pool standard
$250 Member | $300 Non-Member
Course includes a licensed copy of AS1839 – 2021 Swimming pools – Premoulded fibre reinforced plastics Installation.
You will gain practical skills and knowledge to construct, renovate and maintain garden landscapes.
You will learn how to engage with customers, sell products and services, deal with customer complaints and be an effective member of a sales team.
This qualification provides the individual with the competencies required to routinely maintain swimming pools and spas in domestic, commercial and public settings.
NZD $3,130 - $3,600 ex GST
The Certificate in Swimming Pool & Spa Service (certified program) has been designed to provide students with a tertiary-level education, delivered by SPASA’s training division, the Institute of Research and Learning .
This qualification is designed to meet the needs of builders and managers of small to medium-sized building businesses within the construction industry.
This qualification is designed for career-oriented individuals wishing to develop the special skills and knowledge required to successfully pursue a career in business.
Upgrade your career in business with this mid-level certificate in business. This qualification gives you the ability to apply a broad range of specialised skills in roles including executive personal assistant, project officer or sales agent.
This qualification reflects work undertaken by individuals who build and install swimming pools and spas. The work covers a range of trade-related skills associated with in-ground and above-ground pools and spas...
This is a qualification for people working in the swimming pool and spa service sector. It applies to pool and spa technicians in the field who apply analytic and problem-solving skills to treat water quality problems, as well as install...
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